Tree of Life & Path of Life

Tree of Life and Path of Life are schools located in the Edison Neighborhood of Kalamazoo. Their main purpose is to provide a transformative education to a broad range of children who may not normally have the opportunity to receive one. They also work extensively with the children’s families as well.

Visual Identity

Tree of Life and Path of Life, as sister schools, required logos that would resonate with each other. Our team collaborated with POL and TOL to design a logo mark and develop a branding strategy that not only aligned with the schools’ ethos but also embodied a sense of playfulness.

Website Design

Our team took the time to make sure that TOL and POL’s websites were visually pleasing, easy to navigate and fast.
We made sure that each page has a clear call to action and can be found quickly.

Style Sheet

These sheets are designed to be used as a branding reference document for clients. Any visual communication materials produced for TOL and POL would be consistent with the standards contained on these sheets. This can be very helpful for keeping a consistant look and feel across all platforms.

Branded Assets

Utilizing branded assets is highly effective in fostering and maintaining consistent brand recognition. The pervasive presence of your logo and branding fosters distinction and cultivates a sense of connection between individuals and your brand. Moreover, integrating these elements can add an enjoyable touch to various contexts, such as this playground!


Highlighting actual students at a school is crucial for the content of a school’s website or marketing materials. We collaborated with TOL and POL to capture outstanding photographs of their students during various moments of the school day.


Shamus Design has been such a blessing! What makes them great is that they really wanted to get to the heart of our mission and because of that we can trust them! Chris, Collin and Nicole are experts that really deliver quality. They have been amazing in not only designing and implementing our website, but also were tremendous in redesigning and creating new logos for our mission.

Adam Sterenberg
Head of TOL & POL