Thorn & Rose

Thorn & Rose Foods embodies a passion for cuisine, celebrating both its ability to nourish the body and bring joy through delicious experiences. With their diverse range of flavors, they’re here to add a spark of excitement to your dining table. Whether you’re looking to delight your contemporary customers with fun and healthy options or cater to specific dietary requirements, Thorn & Rose Foods has you covered.

Visual Identity

As an emerging company, it was essential for Thorn & Rose to establish a strong visual identity that echoes their vibrant and innovative take on flavors. This called for a branding that was as lively and refreshing as their flavor philosophy.

Visual Identity Guide

These guides are designed to be used as a branding reference document for clients. Any visual communication materials produced for Thorn & Rose would be consistent with the standards contained in this document. This can be very helpful for keeping a consistant look and feel across all platforms.


In the realm of brand identity, business stationery holds significant importance. Maintaining a consistent look and feel across all printed materials, handouts, and business cards is instrumental in strengthening brand recognition.

Branded Assets

For businesses that operate on the go, physical branded assets present a crucial marketing opportunity. Crafting a sleek design in alignment with the visual identity system is key to establishing brand recognition. 


The Shamus Design team did a phenomenal job with the rebranding of Webster Electric!
From logo, website, apparel and branded photography…. Shamus Design did it all. Couldn’t be any happier!

Kaj Carlson, Webster Electric Owner & President