FlavorSum helps growing food and beverage companies in North America go to market quickly and cost-effectively. We have worked with FlavorSum since 2009 to create websites, video webinars,  tradeshow booths, and more. We’ve been excited to see their company grow and take off!

Website Design

We had the privilege of working with FlavorSum to redesign their old website. We wanted guests to navigate the pages quickly and easily, while also making it easy for our team to make changes to the website to meet FlavorSum’s needs.

Package Design

Our team created a custom packaging for FlavorSum’s flavored products that match the look and feel of their visual identity.

Tradeshow Support

We worked with FlavorSum to create an eye-catching booth design for trade shows that matched the brand,
stayed consistent with the company’s materials and messages, and created a unique experience for attendees.

Corporate Video

An essential element of flavorsum’s B2B workflow involves creating resources for their customers, with one such resource being instructional videos. These videos serve to enlighten customers on things like prevailing flavor trends and optimal flavor pairings.

Trend Sheets

Trend analysis is an important part of FlavorSums’s business. We worked with FlavorSum to create beautiful trend sheets that keep their clients informed about what’s happening in the flavor world.

Flavor Wheels

In collaboration with the client, we developed these branded flavor wheels to help customers dial in the perfect profile for their food or beverage concept.