A collaborative problem-solver, Chris effectively manages and executes the creative processes that are essential to an organization’s brand strategy.
Chris taps into more than 30+ years of experience in branding and graphic design when developing the creative strategy and tactics that help companies connect with customers.  Whether beginning the branding process, refreshing design elements, or executing a complete branding plan, he delivers consistently effective results.
A background in graphic design and fine arts enables Chris to infuse the design process with approachable artistry.  He reinforces a company’s story consistently across visual touchpoints with customers including brand logo, website, packaging, advertising, and marketing assets: brochures, sell sheets, and trade show graphics.
Shamus leads Shamus Design, a 4-member firm with a 20-year legacy supporting B2B clientele. Prior to launching Shamus Design, Chris held senior design positions for “in-house” as well as traditional agency-style organizations for over 10 years.
The passion Chris has for creating and helping business brands shine represents a satisfying work life.  He brings an equal amount of passion and love to the foster and adoptive community. After raising three adult children, Chris and his wife ventured into the world of foster care, taking up the burden to help care for the “least of these.” They adopted sibling boys, ages 3 and 5.
Although pursuing a successful career growing a digital agency is important, it is Shamus’ faith that has found first place in his heart. At 38 years old, Shamus committed his life to Jesus Christ. He is determined to glorify God through his business and honor Him in everything he does.

Christopher lives in Kalamazoo Michigan with his beautiful wife Cherri, and have been married for 32 years. He has 5 children, Collin, Reid, Ethan, Elijah and Noah.

Call 269.760.9930 or email me at cshamus@shamusdesign.com
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